Walkabout: Travel Life and Photographs

“Why Japan?”

5 Story Pagaoda in Asakusa

This trip is come about through a culmination of Andy’s desire to travel to Japan, which traces back to when we first met and my idea to travel on a one-way ticket.  The culture draws us both and through our research we have met many who speak about Japan in a way that made us more determined to visit. The hiking and onsens (hot springs) that pop up all over the country were a big pull for us as well. We also come seeking a deeper connection to the people and the land. That is why we are working on local farms through a program called WWOOFing to learn about organic farming and to go beyond the big cities to the small towns. Japan, as of now, is our first destination, but we want to see Thailand, Nepal and other countries. We have yet to figure out which comes next and for what length.  We arrived in Tokyo late last night. Who knows maybe there will be a teaching job? We may find enlightenment by hiking to sacred temples. Day 1 was intense. We traveled on local, public transportation, walked and walked through the Asakusa district of Tokyo, enjoyed a fresh meal, and so much more. The path is wide open and we are ready to put one foot in front of the other. Please keep in touch through our blog, leave comments and keep us up to date with what is happening at home.

  • I returned your library books. You owe me $5.80.
    Glad you made it safely. Have a great trip. Miss you both
    very much already!