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  • So, who are you traveling with? It says “we” above????
    Since you are now officially family after the photo yesterda, I can give you a hard time. Maybe a photo of both of you on the home page, with both of your names???? Thanks, :~) Joyce

  • Bon Voyage Andy and Rachel! I’m so excited for you both; and Michael and I can’t wait to stay tuned with your blog…so please keep us informed as you have time!
    We’ll keep you in our prayers for safety and a “new” adventure of a lifetime! You both are an inspiration!

  • Hey Crap faces 🙂 Looks like you are have an amazing time already! Love the photo with you picking the statues nose. Classic. I am glad to hear you had time to settle in and it sounds like your spanish is going great! Have fun in Class, absorb the culture, and enjoy the warm sun.
    Super cold here miss you like crazy!

    xOoX o ( Little kiss, Big hug, little hug, Big Kiss, little hug… Nacho)


    • Rohr, it’s funny you should mention crap faces…because yesterday we were walking around this lake and this awful smell came up on us. We then realized all the plants, trees, everything was covered in a thin layer of bird poop.

      Anyway, we kept walking and made it out of there. About 50 feet later I felt a light mist hitting my face. Funny thing was, it wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I quickly realized what it was and yelled out, “Am I being shit on ! ? ! I’m being shit on!!”. I looked up and there were birds in the tree. My face and clothes had a light sprinkling of white bird poop all over them. I was a crap face.


  • LOL!!!! the home that you both are staying in looks beautiful!! the city from what i can tell with rachels finger up statues noses is very nice and looks like it will be a lot of fun!! Rach go easy on your host family when playing basketball-we all know you can get a little competitive at times and rememeber these guys are letting you live with them!!! jk!!!
    Really miss you guys~ but being able to stay at your house in longmont has been nice- i enjoy having my own space and the commute to denver to work everyday is not that bad!! the bath tub is so very nice!! hope you don’t mind i helped myself!! am i kidding,???? you will never know!!
    keep us updated whenever you can, love to hear about the language and the different foods you are eating, oh and being shit on by birds!!
    love lynsay

  • Ange, that is funny about the bird do! We are in Seoul, S. Korea on layover and will be back in AZ Sat. at 3:00. It is actually Sat. 10:00am here now. Had a good trip with lots of pics to share later. Ready for the comforts of home now, tho! Take care. Sounds like you guys are having a great experience. Keep at it! love and miss you, ma collins

  • Hey guys. I checked out your journal and pictures. It looks like you are having another great journey. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • Hi Dan! Good to hear from you. So far it has been a great journey. We have been sick but are getting better and really enjoy hearing from people back home. Take care and love, Rachel

  • Sounds like you guys are having a great time! Enjoy and have a safe trip. The website is amazing!!!!!

  • Heya! did you get moved into your new place? Hope it goes well! Missing you two! Can’t believe a month has gone by already! ma C

  • Valparaiso se parece a un San Francisco loco y impetuoso. Me gusta su casa nueve. Sin embargo, yo cuento los dias hasta Avril. Con amor, Madre B

  • Andrequita tener cuidado con la cabeza en la ducha!

  • Andy and Rachel, so glad to get word that you are safe and well after the earthquake. Dad and I are anxious to hear your voices so please call when you can, hopefully before you head off to Argentina. The Angels are with you and watch over you. As always sending our love and are with you in spirit. Miss you, mom and dad. xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • I am so glad to read the above message and know that you are safe! I was thinking of you guys when I heard the news. Stay safe! Miss you! Take Care!!

    Sincerely, Jacie

  • Hey Andy and Rachel, You guys know how to turn an interesting trip into a real adventure. What are you finding the state of mind to be in S. America at this time? CNN isn’t helping much with the people side of things.

    We’re so glad you’re both safe. Your parents had indicated you would be in Chile this winter. I had no idea you’d be so close to the action.

    Thanks for the updates and do take care of yourselves.


  • You have sure gone thru a lot, and we are so glad you are safe Hopefully the quakes are done now. Take care of each other and hugs to you both!
    Aunt Debi

  • Finally got caught up on your latest adventures! It’s all so interesting! Continued safe travels to you both as you head north. Thanks for sharing your awesome experiences! You two are amazing. –SO glad you are safe from the quake.

  • So excited for you guys! I hope this experience far surpasses your wildest dreams. Excited to keep up to date on your journey and and adventures and looking forward to reconnecting in person again one day…

  • So, is Asakusa a district or neighborhood in Tokyo, and are the divisions or districts different in character to each other? —Joyce

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