Walkabout: Travel Life and Photographs

Back in the CO

It has been almost a week since our return home. Our last few days in Viña were spent catching up with friends, celebrating Easter, and packing one last time. On Easter Sunday we took our last trip to Valparaiso and visited Pablo Neruda’s house that is located on top of one of the many hills. It overlooked the city and the port. It was great to see the old roommates and we thoroughly enjoyed a couple games of Kings with Morgan, Mara, Nunu, Diego, and Pete. I P1050454 (768x1024)felt an odd mixture of excitement for being home soon, and the feeling of sadness as our adventure was coming to an end.

Ma and Pops met us at the airport and the Rockies were covered with clouds as we landed. The cold, dry air reminded me that I was home. After stuffing ourselves with Old Chicago pizza we slept for a good 12-14 hours. The time change is about 2 hours, but after our month of pure travel and our hiking excursions we were exhausted and only now are getting back to normal. I would do it all again in a heart beat, but the homecoming has given me appreciation for the life that I have here in the CO.

Walking through Viña for the last time on our way to the bus station for our last bus ride, a friend of ours named Dan asked,” So where are you two going to travel for your next trip?” We both replied, “Nepal.” We don’t know when or how, but we will be at home for sometime first. Andy will be working and I am returning to CSU to finish up my Bachelors degree in Natural Resources. It has been great sharing our trip with all of you and we hope to see each of you in the near future! Nos Vemos!

-Raquelita y Andresito