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Last Day and The Night Out

Well, the final day of work finally came and went. It was hard during the last week or two for sure. A month notice was a nice gesture and gave the Y more time to find somebody to replace me, but I would recommend the two week notice for anyone else. It’s just so hard to keep the motivation alive for that long.

Anyway, the last day was great. Had a nice lunch followed by a desert extravaganza party back at the office. Thanks to everyone who came by! It was nice to be able to say goodbye and felt good to be moving on at the same time. The Y will definitely be missed! (Bye to all of those who couldn’t make it, and sorry to anyone who’s computer I didn’t get to.).

After work some friends and I headed down to Boulder to hit up the Rio, drink some margaritas, and play in the Pearl Street fountain one last time. It was a fun night!

Okay, so maybe I was the only one who played in the fountain, or the only one not quick enough to dodge the random up spurts.