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NZ Family

Many of you might be wondering if I am going into this little adventure blind or not. Yes, I am going by myself, but I do have a couple contacts in New Zealand.

One of which will even be picking me up from the airport. I told them I could take a bus to where they live since the flight arrives at 5:00 in the morning, but she insisted upon picking me up. Which will a great help I’m sure, and she said I could stay with them as long as I need until I get my bearings straight. She just emailed me again today since I’ll be leaving, or rather arriving soon and attached a picture of her and one of her daughters so I’ll know who to look for in the airport.

It should be nice to know someone from the area for many reasons. I know it was in Peru even though our host family there spoke no English at all. And this family seems very nice and giving too.

The picture above on the left is of Kerry and to the right is her daughter Paige.