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Videos from Viña del Mar and Valparaiso

I’ve been meaning to upload these videos with the blogs, but I guess I forgot.  So here they all are in a separate post.  The first is of a soccer game and their fans that I went to last Friday, then a Tango dance from a show, two funicular rides up the hills of Valparaiso (kind of like an outdoor, sideways elevator), then an clip of an orchestra that we attended and finally a presidential celebration rally for Pinera, Chile’s next president.

(Videos don’t show on Facebook, so visit www.andyjcollins.com)

  • So, are those fires in the stands at the soccer game? The finicular rides were fun! We did those in Italy and Thailand too! And loved the symphony and Tango! Fun, fun, fun!!

  • Loved the video’s, wonder what the view from the finicular would look like now after the earthquake. We did a finicular in Salzburg and it sure gets you up high quickly, more steep than a chairlift at a ski resort. Would love to tango like that, so precise. Lessons in your future?