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YMCA – Incase You’re Having Trouble, Try This….

I recieved this email recently and thought I’d share incase anyone was having problems….

“So, funny story for you. You know how we would always joke that stuff didn’t work and then just having you walk into the office would miraculously fix everything. Well, I’ve got one better than that. Our printer has been on the fritz. So we are in the middle of printing stuff off and it had JUST been working perfectly fine, and then all of a sudden it freaks out and stops working. Like, the green light wouldn’t blink and it was just dead. So the person I was printing stuff for was like, should I come back? And I was like, well, I wish it was the easy because now that Andy took off to NZ, and yadi yada yada…….. Ok, so here it comes. The SECOND I said your name, the printer kicked into gear and started printing. I mean, are you freaking kidding me? It was really weird, but really funny too. So our new policy is to just yell your name at the computers and printers when they stop working.  So, you still have some freakish connection with these machines even half-way around the world.”