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Home Snow Home

We finished our travels by leisuring seeing Akaroa on the South Island during our last week and visited (and my parents met for the first time) Kerry, Darrell, and their daughter Paige for fish and chips on the beach our last night. It was a nice way to start and end my trip to New Zealand.

Waiting for our night flight we hung out in Auckland City and did a “Reverse Bungy” as our last thrill ride. If you take a sling-shot, point it to the sky, enlarge it a thousand times, and substitute people for rocks you’ll get an idea of what this contraption looks like. It was a huge rush as we were shot at 200kph (120mph) into the sky and twisted upside down and back on the way down! What a way to go out. =)

Then it was off to our long plane trips home and were welcomed by snow on the road home to our house.

Home Snow Home.