Walkabout: Travel Life and Photographs


November 24, 2005 

So yesterday I’m having a great day right? Doing a whirlwind tour of the rest of the sourther south island, seeing the Catherdral Caves, the most southern point, a lighthouse, and all this stuff……and I pull into Dunedin where I planned to stay the night. Not more than 2 minutes into the city the speed limit gets cut in half to 50 on a downhill. So I start braking and get it down to 65 when I copper spots me coming the opposite way, flings around, and pulls me over….I explained the situation to him, but he wasn’t having it, pulled the whole GIGO.  Garbage In, Garbage Out. Said I was going a “wee-bit too fast” and wrote me up an $80 dollar ticket. I was soooooo pissed! I still can’t believe. The worst part was when I pulled back on to the road and it switched back to 100kph. Which means for about 1/2 a mile the speed limit was 50 for whatever reason. And I make every effort not to speed here, usually find it hard to, get passed all the time, and then this happens. It gets away from me once and now I’m paying for it! Augh!….