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Moving On…

First off, thanks to Heather and Ken who hosted me for a night last night up at their place in Bayly’s Beach, just outside of Dargaville. I came to know them through Kerry and Darrell and was invited to stop by for a night on my way up North.

Plans changed, and I decided to skip over Opononi and the sand boarding since the wind won’t cease on the West coast, and prolly wouldn’t have made for an enjoyable experience. And just came straight to Paihia. Staying in Bay Adverturers Backpackers at the moment. A backpackers is where you buy a bed for the night that is often times in a shared room with 3-5 others, and then there’s a shared kitchen, living area, and other amenities. There are peeps from all over here. I’ve met people from Taiwan, Austrailia, Germany, England, and Argentina.

It’s a bit daunting being completely on my own now. I’ll have to break my shy-shell and become a bit more outgoing to meet people.

Paihia is in the Bay of Islands, which is exactly as it sounds, a bay filled with islands. It’s quite beautiful too, still cloudy, but warm and no wind. Looks to be a few easy hiking trails in the area that I’ll hit up in the next couple days before I start heading back down the coast.

Here’s a picture of Helen and Ken from Bayly’s Beach.