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Days of Sickness

January 23, 2007 

Sunday morning I awoke with Rachel rapping on my bedroom room. She was very upset and had a lot of pain in the lower part of her abdomen. She had had this problem before in the past and thought the pain would subside and eventually go away, unfortunately it only grew stronger and we soon found ourselves at a private hospital with Rachel’s host mom and Nadya. After communicating with the doctor, through Nadya, and we had around an hour wait for the results. In the mean time Rachel got a nice shot in the ol’ behind to dull the pain. Once the doctor read over the results he determined Rachel had an infection and prescribed her to take Cipro (An antibiotic that we actually brought with us for such circumstances!).

Later in the night when Rachel was resting in bed I started to develop a fever and chills, not to mention other things that will be left in the bathroom. I always say, “what happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom!”. Wait….I never say that….anyway…The next day I felt a little better and decided to attend our first day of Spanish school, but left early in the morning. A while later I was back at the house and in the bathroom, next thing I knew I was in the shower and on my back. I have never fainted before and hope to never repeat it, let alone hit my head on the shower wall. Playing it safe, we ended up at the same private hospital. After a similar procedure I was diagnosed with intestinal bacterial infection, or a more exact name of E. Coli. Lucky me! And now I’m on Cipro as well since it seems to kill everything along with some medicine to keep my fever down.

Today we are both doing much better, aside from being a little tired.