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Y Goodbye Party

September 23, 2005

Today in my office building we had a going party. Granted I’m not officially done with work until the 23rd, but we had to have it early so my boss would be able to attend since he’ll be gone the rest of week and all of next. It was nice, everyone brought dishes from home to share which were really good…maybe to good even because the big joke of the day was “Andy, hate to say it, but maybe you should leave more often so we can have food like this all the time.” I don’t know what they’re talking about though, I mean the food up at the Ruesch is delicious! And we get that all the time. I also received gummy worms from Meg! I’ll for sure be taking them with me on the long plane ride over.

Gordon and I had our goodbye as well. It was very simple, he basically said thanks for working for me, shook my hand, and walked out.

Next will be a desert extravaganza held on my last day of work that everyone will be invited to.