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The Girlfriend (GF)

Well I took the GF to the airport this morning. She will be spending the next ten months on the East Coast in Charleston, SC with Americorps. It was definitely an emotional goodbye and hard to see her go, but I am happy for her as well because this is something she’s wanted to do for a long time now. The timing really
works out well too with me going to NZ and all, part of me wishes I was leaving sooner now…….

We’ll be meeting up in New Zealand later on at the end of the year though, which’ll be great to see her again. She has time off for Christmas break and will be spending it with me! We hope to do a couple tramps (Get your mind out of the gutter! – trekking + camping = tramping) while we’re there like the Queen Charlotte Track (recommended by Susan Stalfort back at the Y), bungy jump (even though Rachel is against it =D), possibly zorb, see some glow worms, of course catchup(!), and whatever else comes along. We’ll just have to see!